Build Climate Fund

Climate action, funded by Build.

All proceeds from the sale of this book are going into the Build Climate Fund – a climate-focused investment fund for companies that Tony believes will help solve the climate crisis. All profits from those investments will be reinvested into the fund and ultimately into climate focused philanthropic charities.

Tony is also committing to a 5x match (up to $25 million) of his personal funds.

A bright Future Shape.

The Build Climate Fund is managed directly by Tony Fadell and his team at Future Shape.

Future Shape is an advisory and investment firm currently working with around 200 companies that are building deep technology to solve global problems.

Climate change has always been a major area of interest, but this fund is something new. The Build Climate Fund is solely focused on finding and funding novel technology that will save the world.

This isn’t some vanity project.

It isn’t window dressing or money laundering or the usual greenwashing crap, chasing the latest hot market. Tony has cared deeply about climate change his entire life and is in a position to find, fund and genuinely help companies that can do something about it.

Photo evidence of a life-long passion: Tony’s 1982 middle school science fair project on the feasibility of solar power in metro Detroit.


Photo evidence of a life-long passion: Tony’s 1982 middle school science fair project on the feasibility of solar power in metro Detroit.

Tony understands the technology, he understands the space, he knows the players and he can coach them through the game. This isn’t a novel project for Tony, but it is a new opportunity for anyone who buys this book to directly support incredible emerging technologies.

Frequently asked questions

What will you be investing in?

Companies creating technologies to better our planet with meaningful impact.

How are expenses covered?

A modest management fee, as is customary, from the fund will be used to cover the fund expenses.

Will there be a team working on it?

Yes, a professional team of investors will be overseeing all investments. However, Tony will maintain the right to all investment decision making.

Will there be carry for the team?

Yes, as is customary, there will be carried interest in order to properly manage the fund.

How will you help the companies you invest in?

The Build Climate Fund will provide financial support as an investor. Other services or mentorship may be offered at the discretion of the fund.

What happens when the investments you make produce returns?

All net proceeds from investments will be reinvested into the Build Climate Fund.

We want to build companies that will help to protect our future and the net profits will be reinvested in new companies and causes – the fund is a vehicle to evergreen fund climate initiatives.

Where will you be investing?

We will consider investments anywhere on the planet.

How do startups submit an investor presentation?

Startups with interesting ideas can submit an investor deck to

Is the Build Climate Fund separate from Future Shape?

Yes. The goals of the Build Climate Fund are separate from Future Shape and will be solely focused on investing in climate focused startups. Additionally the Build Climate Fund will share profits with charities active in climate advocacy and innovation, and, as an evergreen fund, we are seeking to build out a long-term investment vehicle to fund climate related startups.

Why aren’t you just donating the money to climate charities?

Rather than doing a one-time donation, we want to create companies that are self-sustaining, to heal our climate over decades.


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